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Your Heart: Your Life

Our hearts are literally the center of our being. It is a major organ that pumps blood to the rest of the body. When our hearts face problems, no matter how small, the whole body will be adversely affected. That’s why caring for your heart should be your number one priority, and exploring all the possible ways you can care for your heart is where you should start.

5 StarAt ASP Concept, we are committed to connecting you to the best heart treatment for those suffering from anginal symptoms or equivalents (chest pains, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, profuse sweating, etc).

Why Should You Be Concerned About Your Heart?

Did you know that many people experience no symptoms before having a heart attack, or a stroke?

As modern-day work life and living stresses take their toll, cardiovascular diseases start at an earlier age.

In the United States, Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men, women, and people of most racial and ethnic groups.

  • One person dies every 37 seconds in the United States from cardiovascular disease.1
  • About 647,000 Americans die from heart disease each year—that’s 1 in every 4 deaths.2,3
  • Heart disease costs the United States about $219 billion each year from 2014 to 2015.3 This includes the cost of health care services, medicines, and lost productivity due to death.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) in Malaysia estimates that 73 per cent of deaths among Malaysians are caused by non-communicable diseases and cited that heart problems, hypertension, and diabetes are the main killers of Malaysians – non-communicable diseases which are closely linked to unhealthy lifestyles.

Unhealthy lifestyles include smoking, unhealthy diets and lack of exercise. These non-communicable diseases are also detected more and more among young people for every succeeding year under the Ministry’s surveillance program.

If you are over 35 years old and has the following risk profiles:

Stressful lifestyles
Unhealthy diet
Alcohol consumption
Lack of regular exercise
Sedentary lifestyle
Over weight
High cholesterol
High blood pressure
Family history of cardiovascular disease

How Heart Disease Happens ?

As plaque builds up in the arteries of a person with heart disease, the inside of the arteries begins to narrow, which lessens or blocks the flow of blood. Plaque can also rupture (break open). When it does, a blood clot can form on the plaque, blocking the flow of blood.

What is EECP Therapy?

Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) is a non-invasive treatment for those suffering from angina and angina related symptoms. The key word is, of course, “non-invasive” which means that no surgery or drugs are involved.

How Does EECP Work?

The EECP procedure takes place as you lie on a padded table, and cuffs are placed around your calves, thighs and buttocks. These cuffs will be inflated and deflated to match your heartbeat and blood pressure, to create an upward moving pressure from your legs. This increases blood flow to your heart precisely when it is about to relax, thereby reducing resistance to blood flow, increasing blood supply to the heart muscles thereby encouraging the heart to form more branches, bypassing clogged or defective blood vessels. This ‘natural bypass’ has many benefits, including:

Reducing angina symptoms.

Minimizing the need for angina medication.

Restores your ability to carry out physical activities without worrying about angina symptoms.

Suitable for individuals that cannot endure surgery as a treatment.

No recovery period needed.

Safe and secure without risks to your health.

Guides and Recommendations on EECP

European Society of Cardiology 2013

Management of Stable Coronary Artery Disease with Class IIA recommendation

American College of Cardiology & American Heart Association 2012

Management of Patients with Chronic Stable Angina with Class IIB recommendation

The American Stroke Association 2013

for Ischemic Stroke Patients

Medical Device Authority (MDA) Malaysia

EECP equipment is approved for use in Malaysia by an MDA endorsement & approval.

* For Medical and Healthcare Professionals Use Only. EECP® is the registered trademark of Vasomedical Inc. Plainview, NY, U.S.A.

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Who Are We?

ASP Concept is a subsidiary of ASP Medical Group dedicated to improving your heart health. We believe that there are always alternative ways and protocols to improve your heart health that don’t have to be disruptive to your lifestyle.

We also believe that everyone deserves to get the best treatment, but with minimal discomfort and with as little ‘down’ time as possible. Therefore, we offer scientific and proven alternatives to conventional treatments for your heart that are non-invasive yet safe and beneficial for you. We have a Panel of EECP Treatment Centers to serve you professionally. Your heartbeat is our heartbeat as well.

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